Our response to the needs of our customers for high quality, free and full featured portable software.

Email Converter

Email Converter is our powerful tool for converting and extracting different email message formats from all email clients.

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Homa Imager

Homa Imager is our essential tool based on Homa Burner with full functionality to work with ISO/CUE images & drives.

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HTML Editor

HTML Editor is our handy tool for designing and editing feature rich emails that comply with new email clients' standards.

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PC Timer

PC Timer is our simple tool to automatically shut down, sign out, restart or lock your PC based on your scheduled time.

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SSD Booster

SSD Booster is our perfect tool to optimize and tweak Windows for SSD drives to boost efficiency and maintain the peak performance of your SSD.

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Xbox Tester

Xbox Tester is our gaming tool to test your Xbox controller's buttons, triggers, thumbsticks and vibration motors for possible hardware failures.

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Windows XP : .NET Framework 4.0
Windows Vista : .NET Framework 4.6
Windows 7 & 8 : .NET Framework 4.7.2

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