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If you're looking for leading edge online email marketing solution that is easy to use and you need a rapid return on investment, we have the solution that will keep you competitive and productive: Email Director.

Email Director Classic is our primary product release and is packed with features and streamlined with over 2 decades of performance enhancements.

Email Director .NET uses more advanced engine, and contains 100% managed .NET code, which make it more reliable, efficient and fast.

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ALL-IN-ONE Media Burning Solution

Drive Director .NET is our response to the needs of our customers for a light weight burning software with full support of CD, DVD and Bluray discs. Most similar products are heavy and slow down consumer PCs with many unwanted components. So we made ours very small, fast and full featured that does not even need the installation, just run the software and it does not leave any footprint on the system.

Free Products

HTML Editor is our powerful tool for designing and editing feature rich emails that comply with new email clients' standards.

Email Converter is our powerful tool for converting and extracting different email message formats and extract attachments and certificates.

PC Timer is our simple tool to automatically shut down, power off, sign out or restart your PC based on your scheduled time.

Download Prerequisites for .NET Edition Products

Windows XP : .NET Framework 4.0

Windows Vista : .NET Framework 4.6

Windows 7 & 8 : .NET Framework 4.7.2

Email Director has been awarded the top rating as testament to its strength and flexibility. Download our award winning software and see what everyone is raving about!

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