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If you're looking for leading edge online email marketing solution that is easy to use and you need a rapid return on investment, we have the solution that will keep you competitive and productive: Email Director.
1. How does the affiliate get started?

Following registration and activation, affiliates receive their login data for the affiliate control panel, where they have access to an overview of all cooperations, as well as the products and conditions for each. As soon as OMID SOFT activate an affiliate, they can begin placing links on their website.

2. Who reports to and handles the payments to affiliates?

Our credit card processor company, handles reporting and payment of the commission to affiliates.

3. When is reporting done?

The report is sent on the first day of each month if requested. The affiliate also has access to detailed reports in his PayPro account.

4. How often is payment made to the affiliates?

The payment is initiated on the 15th of each month. The payment can arrive 0-3 days in case of PayPal, Payoneer and WebMoney, 2-3 business days in case of wire transfer or 2-4 weeks in case of check.

5. Which payment methods can the affiliates choose?

Affiliates can receive payout by PayPal, Wire transfer, WebMoney, Payoneer and check (US/Canada).

6. What are the minimum earnings for which an affiliate can receive payment?

No minimum. By default the minimum amount for payout is set to be 400 USD but the account holder can lower this. If the minimum amount is not reached within the month, the total is carried over to the next month and added to the next payment.

7. What information do affiliates receive on their sales?

Affiliates have access to sales reports in the affiliate control panel and can view sales by sales period, and see the status of earnings.

8. Are affiliates able to adapt the order process to the "look & feel" of their own websites?

Yes, you can edit your styles in the affiliate control panel, where you can set a default style for the order process using the style editor.

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